Fordham University's Camino, 2013

Walking the Camino de Santiago from Leon to Santiago

Camino 2013 Awards

These are Fordham Camino Awards for 2013 given on our last night together in Santiago to peregrinos/as who exemplify special qualities (just in case it’s not obvious, many of these are in-jokes special to the group or recall moments on our camino)

Mohammad–the Albert Schweitzer award for the resident we most hope to see when we go to the emergency room with appendicitis.

Kasey–the Little Miss Sunshine award for cheerfulness under duress, with special distinction as the  most improved and persistent trekker. Or we are just going to call her “our Miss French Fry.”

Joe–the Fr. Mcshane salesmanship award for best pitch for religious life through example.

Alex– the Hi-Fidelity award for being faithful to his passion for scholarship and cooking, to his girlfriend for four years, to Ben for two weeks, and to his birthday balloon for a whole day.

Suzanne– the Clara Barton award as chief blister witch, with the question whether she might lose her dimples if we can keep her walking another month.

Craig–the Whole Foods Wittgenstein award for his dedication to logic, lettuce, and liquor. 

Kirstin–the Kate Moss award for outdoing her twin in every way, including Red Bull and ibuprofen.

Allie–the coveted Energizer Bunny award given every year to the peregrina who keeps on going, and going, and then recharging, and recharging and recharging.

Ben– the Seinfeld award for best stand up comic in training, and a special pendant from the Coppertone  Foundation for research Into sunscreen application. 

Alice–the Coco Chanel award for haute couture camino footwear and business savvy.

Cristina–the Shirley Maclaine camino award for ebullient performance and high drama.

Alisa–the Tin Man award for persistence, heart, and a rusted metal leg.

Rachel–the Garfield award for animal husbandry, with a special GPS pendant for legitimate concern over distance and elevation.

Tyler–the Frank Sinatra award for doing it his way, accompanied by Suzanne’s  internet phone for extra-camino communications.

Nikos–the Visa International award for being everywhere you want him to be, often there first at the end of the day, cooking, shopping, and putting us all in his, and his mother’s, debt.

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Arriving in Santiago de Compostela

The last day of our caminoJune 7th, 2013
We made it!

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